Tips on How to Extend Your Slow Cookers Life

Posted August 8th, 2014 by admin

Slow cookers are great cooking appliances that can be used during winter seasons. Well, it can also be used all year long in cooking great soup and casserole and other delicious dishes for visitors and for the family.

However, there are times when slow cooker malfunctions and your option now is to replace the damaged parts or to simply purchase a new one. Consequently, you need to spend more. Remember it is better to clean and maintain the slow cooker to make it useable over and over again and for a longer time. This will surely save you more money.

Now, to provide you some tips on how to lengthen your slow cookers longevity, read on and find out.

Tip 1 – Use Warm Water

In cleaning the slow cooker, you need to use warm water and never cold water. Also, make sure that the cooking unit is cooled down before washing it since it will only crack if you suddenly wash it.

Also, never use abrasive dish washing cleaners. The abrasive cleaner will only damage the surface of the slow cooker so it’s best to use soft scrubbing foam with dishwashing soap.

Tip 2 – Use the Right Cooking Utensils

The best advice in using cooking utensils for slow cookers is to use plastic or non-hard kitchen utensils. Well, metal based kitchen tools can damage the slow cooker so be careful in using cooking utensils for your slow cooker.

Tip 3 – Careful Handling

Remember, slow cookers can be heavy to handle. It can be also heavier if there’s food inside and it’s still quite hot. As a result, accidents may happen if the slow cooker is not handled carefully. The best advice is to use pot holders in transferring food or in carrying the cooking appliance.

Tip 4 – Wipe it Dry

After cleaning the slow cooker, you also need to let it dry. To make it dry faster, you can use a paper towel or a dry cleaning cloth to wipe the interior and exterior surface of the cooker.

Implementing these tips will ensure longevity of your slow cooker. Now besides these tips, you also need to make sure that you store the slow cooker in a spacious, clean and dry storage area (preferably in the kitchen cabinet).

Now remember, following these ideas will ensure that your new slow cooker will last for a long time and it can be used frequently. Well, if you still don’t have a slow cooker then purchase one now and cook the best dishes using the kitchen appliance.